How to tell your partner they are fat – 2 best ideas


How to tell partner they fat!

Is your partner fat? Are you looking for a way to tell them that they have a fat body or their body size is very odd because of unhealthy weight?

This is a real issue. In this coronavirus pandemic time, it has created the risk of new health problems as well as heart issues.  However, telling your partner directly will not solve their weight issue. Although, there is a chance that you might be unwillingly insulting your partner. Since body-shaming and physical appearance has been a very common issue among us, we cannot just go and tell our partners that they are fat.

But as we care about the health of our family and loved ones, it is also important for us to motivate them so that they can pay attention to their diet and lifestyle. Telling someone that they need to take care of their health and get involved in physical activity doesn’t mean that you hate their body structure or you are telling this to offend them, this means you care for them and that is why you are asking them to control their eating and diet habits. If you cannot tell him or her that then it means your relationships are not much strong enough.

How to tell your partner that they are fat?

It is very hard to tell this directly when your partner gets offended whenever you start discussing the topic related to their body. So it can be a good way to approach him or her in other ways.

For example, you can the person in joining healthy lifestyle activities or maybe taking a weight loss program together. It can even be avoiding unhealthy foods.

Or if your relationships are old enough that you both trust each other then you can directly convince her to check her weight and also control her eating sources. Since physical attraction is also a very important part of life, I am sure that your partners will understand. But you must also remember that talking about body image can also offend your partners’ self-respect.

Maybe you can tell her about the risks of being overweight like blood pressure, negative body image, and other physical condition like obesity.

How to solve the problem?

Let’s say you have told him or her about the issue. Now, the question is, how to solve it. Here are some certain tips that you might want to follow to help the person or your partner losing weight.

Encouraging your partner on a healthy lifestyle

We all must take care of our health according to our medical condition and maintain a basic weight limit. It is very important to know that excess weight can create many issues. You must make sure that you and your partner is taking the right foods and also keeping your health in check.

Hire a weight Loss specialist

When your family member’s or important partner’s health is in question, it is always recommended to ask for help from a specialist. The expert person will guide you on how to lose your and your partner’s weight in a good way.

Go to the gym together

The gym can play a vital role in losing excess body fat and doing healthy weight gain. Inside the gym, you can do cardio and weight lifting to enhance your physical appearance which can help your partner increase his or her physical attraction. So, from now, get your gym membership and fix the issue of weight with your workout.

Look at your food choices

All kinds of foods are not good for health. Junk food and easily turn fit people into overweight people. So next time, try to control your desire and make sure to take foods that come from a healthy source. Healthy eating and a proper diet plan are always mandatory for those fat people who are willing to lose weight.

Do morning cardio together

If your partner is exceeding the normal weight range, you must create a nice and healthy weight loss plan to ensure his or her healthy life. And no weight loss plan is complete without proper cardio. So you can take your partner for a morning cardio walking session every day to ensure his or her normal weight range. Cardio can easily burn extra fats from the fat body. So it will definitely contribute to your partners’  weight loss journey. Cardio can also slow down the natural aging process, so wear your pair of jeans and start walking from tomorrow morning.

Be your partners best exercise buddy

Having a workout buddy can motivate a person to work hard and do most exercise activities properly. It can also make someone leave their sedentary lifestyle and become active. So take your overweight spouse for a daily based workout session.


Sometimes, we need to hide some things to keep our relationship intact. Some man and woman might break the relationship after hearing similar things about their body but if you think that your partner will not ignore this kind of conversation then you should do this conversation. Maybe not directly, but as a challenge. Or maybe by giving him or her a reason for enhancing his or her physical attraction. Remember, maintaining good physical and medical conditions and leading a healthier lifestyle should be you main priority.


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